Section 9-13-123

Notice to landowners upon establishment of control zones; powers of State Forester where landowner fails or refuses to initiate control measures.

On the establishment of a control zone, the State Forester shall give notice in writing by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, in the case of an absentee owner, and in writing or otherwise in the case of a resident owner, advising him of the nature of the infestation or infection, the recommended control measures to be taken and offering him technical advice for methods of carrying out the recommended control measures. Should the forest landowner refuse or fail to initiate reasonable and practicable control measures within a period of two weeks after having been notified as prescribed in this section, the State Forester or his agents shall have the power to go upon the land within said control zone and cause the forest insect infestation or forest tree disease infection to be suppressed, eradicated or destroyed in any reasonable manner he deems to be proper.

(Acts 1967, No. 723, p. 1558, §4.)