Section 9-13-126

Control of Forest Tree Insects and Diseases Fund.

There is hereby created in the State Treasury a special fund to be known as the "Control of Forest Tree Insects and Diseases Fund." Such fund shall consist of all moneys appropriated thereto by the Legislature; all revenues collected under the provisions of this article; and any moneys paid into the State Forestry Commission by the federal government or any agency thereof to be used for the purpose of this article. All such funds are hereby appropriated to the State Forestry Commission to be used to carry out the purposes of this article. No portion of such fund shall revert to the General Fund of the State at the end of any fiscal year, and any surplus shall be allowed to accumulate from year to year and be disbursed as exigencies of the state's insect infestation or disease infection programs may require.

(Acts 1967, No. 723, p. 1558, §7.)