Section 9-13-141

Setting fires, building campfires or burning trash during drought emergencies; backfires.

At such time as the State Forestry Commission has declared by regulation a drought emergency in any county or counties, it shall be unlawful in such county or counties for any person to set fire to any forest, grass, woods, wildlands or marshes or to build a campfire or bonfire or to burn trash or other material that may cause a forest, grass or woods fire. This prohibition does not apply to any backfire set by an official representative or agent of the State Forestry Commission. Nor does this prohibition apply when a backfire is set by any person for the purpose of saving life or property; provided, that such person shall have the burden of proving the necessity for setting such backfire if he claims same as a defense.

(Acts 1967, No. 727, p. 1562, §2.)