Section 9-13-184

Participation by county commissions in fire protection program of State Forestry Commission - Assessments against owners of forestlands for costs - Time and manner of payment; reports to tax assessors; lien on property for payment.

Any assessment fixed as provided in Section 9-13-183 shall be payable at the same time and in the same manner as county taxes, and the owner of the forestlands, as defined in this division, in those counties becoming subject to the provisions of this division shall make report of same to the tax assessor of the county at the time fixed by law for making return of other property of such property owner. Assessments made pursuant to this division shall constitute a lien on the property against which they are assessed and, in case of default in the payment of such assessments, the land may be sold in the same manner and under the same conditions that lands are sold for the satisfaction of liens for county taxes.

(Acts 1955, No. 552, p. 1208, §4.)