Section 9-13-196

Failure to pay assessment; penalty; lien on property.

(a) An owner or lessee of forest land who fails to pay, upon reasonable notice, any assessment levied under this article shall, in addition to the assessment, be subject to a per acre penalty as established by the commission's rules and regulations.

(b) Any finance charge, fee, or assessment levied shall constitute a lien on the property against which it is levied. In case of default in the payment of such finance charge, fee, or assessment, the subject land may be sold in the same manner and under the same conditions that lands are sold for the satisfaction of liens for county ad valorem taxes, provided, however, no sale of the subject land may occur within three years from the date of said default, and redemption from such sale may be effected in the same manner as is provided by law for redemption where land is sold for nonpayment of ad valorem taxes.

(Acts 1989, No. 89-652, p. 1292, §9; Acts 1991, No. 91-670, p. 1306, §1.)