Section 9-13-221

Seizure of vehicle and equipment upon arrest for certain criminal violations; delivery to district forester.

It shall be the duty of any sheriff, policeman, forestry officer, or other peace officer or law enforcement officer in the State of Alabama, arresting any person who is charged with violating or attempting to violate Section 9-13-60 or any felony laws of the State of Alabama involving timber or forest products or transactions pertaining thereto, to seize any vehicle and equipment used, which is in the possession or under control of the person or persons charged with violating the laws, and to deliver any such seized vehicle and equipment, to the regional forester of the forestry region in which the arrest is made. The person receiving any vehicle and equipment from the arresting officer shall keep it in a safe place and in as good condition as when received, until disposed of as hereinafter provided. The seizure of vehicles and equipment provided in this section is authorized only when the arrest is for a crime involving the theft of timber harvesting equipment or the parts thereof, the harvesting, removal, transportation, or disposal of any forest products, or any other transactions related to forest products or timber harvesting equipment or any part or parts from timber harvesting equipment.

(Acts 1987, No. 87-711, §2; Act 2010-541, p. 941, §1.)