Section 9-13-222

Report of seizure to district attorney.

Within five days after the arrest of any person for violating Section 9-13-60 or any felony laws of the State of Alabama outlined in this article, the person receiving possession of any vehicle and equipment, seized as aforesaid, shall report the seizure and detention of the vehicle and equipment to the district attorney or other prosecuting official, giving a full description of such vehicle and equipment, any identification number, make and model thereof, the name of the person in whose possession it was found when seized, the person, if any, making claim to same or any interest therein if the name can be ascertained or is known, and the date and place of the seizure and a statement of the circumstances surrounding the seizing of the property.

(Acts 1987, No. 87-711, §3; Act 2010-541, p. 941, §1.)