Section 9-13-224

Notice to creditors; institution of condemnation proceedings; legal title to equipment.

At least 60 days prior to the institution of condemnation proceedings as herein provided, notice shall be given by the court to any creditor who is known to have a secured interest, a judgment, lien or other interest in any vehicle or equipment seized pursuant to this article. Such creditors may claim their property during said 60-day period. Thereafter, the district attorney or other prosecuting officer of the judicial circuit upon receiving such report shall at once institute, or cause to be instituted, condemnation proceedings in the circuit court, in the same manner that he is directed by law to institute proceedings for the condemnation and forfeiture of automobiles and other vehicles used in the illegal transportation of alcoholic beverages. The legal title to any vehicle and other equipment seized under this article shall be presumed to be vested with the person, firm, or corporation that last purchased a vehicle tag for said vehicle or equipment.

(Acts 1987, No. 87-711, §5.)