Section 9-13-225

Forfeiture of equipment upon judgment; costs of proceedings; State Forester to keep records.

When any judgment of condemnation or forfeiture is made in any case filed under the provisions of this section, the judge making such judgment shall order and direct that said vehicle and equipment be forfeited or awarded to the State Forester to be sold or used by him in the enforcement of the law.

And said order, in the event that no appeal is taken within 15 days from the rendition thereof, shall be carried out and executed. The court, at its discretion, shall direct in said judgment that the cost of the proceedings be paid by the person(s) in whose possession said vehicle and equipment were found when seized, or by any party or parties that claim to own said vehicle and equipment, or any interest therein, and who contested the condemnation and forfeiture thereof. The State Forester shall keep a permanent record of all such vehicles and equipment awarded to him as provided for herein, to be accounted for as other public property.

(Acts 1987, No. 87-711, §6.)