Section 9-13-24

Fees of arresting officers, etc.; informers' fees.

When an arrest for a violation of the provisions of the forestry laws is made by a salaried officer or salaried employee of the State Forestry Commission and the defendant is convicted, there shall be taxed as costs the same fee as the sheriff in this state is entitled to for similar services and, if collected from the defendant, shall be immediately remitted by the trial court directly to the State Forester, and said fee shall be used for the purpose of the administration of the State Forestry Commission. If the person making the arrest shall be a nonsalaried officer or not an employee of the State Forestry Commission and if said fee is collected from the defendant, such person shall be entitled to said fee and shall receive in addition thereto an informer's fee of one-half the fine in each case where the information furnished by him results in a conviction and the fine is collected and paid into court; provided, however, that in no case shall the amount paid to the informant or party making the affidavit as to the commission of any offense embraced in this chapter exceed the sum of $25.00. All amounts in excess of $25.00 shall be remitted to the State Forester as provided in this section. No fee shall be allowed in cases of acquittal.

(Acts 1936-37, Ex. Sess., No. 161, p. 183, § 1; Code 1940, T. 8, §218; Acts 1951, No. 984, p. 1659, § 1.)