Section 9-13-44

Designation of lands as auxiliary state forests - Contents of contracts.

The Governor may, at his discretion, upon designation of any lands as auxiliary state forests, under the provisions of this article, on behalf of and in the name of the State of Alabama, enter into a contract by and with the owner of said land and the successors and assigns of said owner, the said covenant to run with the land that, in consideration of the devotion of said land to reforestation and of the public benefits arising therefrom, the timber growing on said land shall not be taxable nor assessed for taxation, directly or indirectly, or by any authority, until said lands are withdrawn as auxiliary state forests and that only the land upon which said timber is grown may be taxed or assessed for taxation during said period and that, if said land is taxed or assessed for taxation, it shall be assessed and valued as if the ownership of the timber had been severed from the ownership of the land; provided, that said land shall be appraised jointly by the Department of Revenue and the State Forestry Commission, such appraisal being made with due regard to the fact that the timber yields from such lands require a considerable period of years for maturing and that the valuation determined by such appraisal for the purposes of taxation of the land independently of the timber shall be the valuation of such lands upon and from the effective date of the approval of the contract and shall not be increased during the continuance of such lands as auxiliary state forests and that, if the land included under the contract does not exceed 160 acres, the land shall not be taxed or assessed for taxation.

It shall be agreed in said contract that the owner of said land will devote the same to forest culture and that no use shall be made of said land that will militate against the growth of the timber thereon; that the owner will use diligence in protecting the same against fire in accordance with rules established by the State Forestry Commission and that the owner will not withdraw said lands as auxiliary state forests for a period of five years after the same are entered as such and will not cut, turpentine or otherwise utilize the timber thereon before the withdrawal of the same as auxiliary state forests, except in accordance with rules formulated by the State Forestry Commission, which rules and other rules mentioned in this article it is authorized and directed to make.

Upon application of any owner of land comprised within auxiliary state forests heretofore established under contract of current effect, provisions authorized in this section but not included in the original contract may, with the approval of the Governor, be included in a supplemental contract modifying the terms of the original contract.

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