Section 9-13-49

Disposition of privilege taxes.

Said privilege tax shall be paid to the State Forestry Commission and by it reported to the Comptroller and paid into the Treasury, whereupon the Comptroller shall draw and transmit to the tax collector of each county wherein such timber has been appraised and with respect to which such tax has been paid a warrant payable to such tax collector for the full amount of tax paid as to such county. Thereupon the tax collector shall treat and consider the payments so made to himself as if he had collected the same for and on account of state and county taxes duly assessed by the tax assessor upon the timber appraised as provided in this article and shall proceed to apportion, distribute and pay the same as if such taxes were ad valorem taxes assessed against the owner of the timber, after deducting therefrom for himself a commission of two percent upon the amount of such taxes and paying also the tax assessor a commission of two percent thereon. In all counties in which officials are paid on a salary basis, the commissions authorized in this section shall by said officials be paid into the treasury of said county.

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