Section 9-13-61

Charges in affidavits, informations or indictments under article; proof of title, etc.

In any affidavit, information or indictment under this article, the person or persons accused may be charged with commencing or conspiring to commence at some particular time to commit any of the acts hereby made punishable and of continuing to commit the same at divers times and on divers days between that day and some other day to be therein stated. It shall not be necessary, in order to convict, to prove title of the lands on which the alleged violation of Section 9-13-60 occurred, but it shall be sufficient to prove title, legal, equitable or colorable, in the State of Alabama or any corporation or any person or persons other than the accused; and it shall not be necessary to allege in the affidavit, information or indictment or prove on the trial the kind of timber or forest products which are the subject of the action.

(Acts 1939, No. 626, p. 993, §2; Code 1940, T. 8, §218(2).)