Section 9-13-86

Filing of quarterly reports and payment of taxes - Manufacturers and processors; payment of taxes.

Every manufacturer and processor, within 30 days after the expiration of each quarter annual period expiring, respectively, shall on the last day of March, June, September, and December of each year, file with the department a statement under oath, on forms prescribed by the department, showing the kinds of forest products and the gross quantity of each manufactured during the preceding quarter annual period by the manufacturer or processor, showing the county or counties in which such products were severed from the soil and showing the gross quantity, if any, of such forest products severed from soil outside the State of Alabama and such other reasonable and necessary information pertaining thereto as the department may require for the proper enforcement of this article. At the time of rendering such quarter annual reports, the manufacturer or processor shall pay to the department the taxes imposed by this article with respect to all forest products severed from the soil in the State of Alabama and embraced in the report. In the case that any logs, pulpwood, or inwoods pulpwood chips are sold or delivered to a concentration yard, then the taxes provided for in this article shall be reported and paid by the owner or owners of the concentration yard to the department.

(Acts 1945, No. 169, p. 285, §7; Acts 1953, No. 695, p. 948, §2; Act 2017-301, §1.)