Section 9-3-18

Public governmental entities, political subdivisions, etc., authorized to make donations to organizations deemed public in nature.

(a) It is the intent of the Legislature that this section provides assistance to organized volunteer fire departments and organized search, air, and rescue squads including South Alabama Air Rescue, Incorporated, and other nonprofit organizations which provide search, air, or rescue services to the public. The Legislature deems these organizations public in nature, as they protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

(b) The state and any department, office, or agency of the state, and any county, any municipality, any fire, water, sewer, garbage, or school district, or any other public governmental entity or political subdivision may donate money, property, equipment, or other thing of value to those organizations deemed public in nature as specified in subsection (a). Unless the donating agency or entity specifies otherwise at the time of donation, the organization receiving the donation may dispose of any property received under this section pursuant to Article 6, Sections 41-16-120 to 41-16-125, inclusive, of Chapter 16, Title 41.

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