Section 9-3-2

Officers; meetings; quorum; record of proceedings; compensation and expenses of members.

The commission shall, upon its first meeting, which shall be called by the Governor within 60 days after appointment of the membership, elect from its membership a chairman and vice-chairman who shall serve for a period of one year. The vice-chairman shall act in the place of the chairman in his absence or disability. The commission shall meet at such times as designated by the commission or the chairman at the State Capitol or at other places as it deems necessary or convenient, but the chairman of the commission must call a meeting two times each year, one meeting in the month of January and one meeting in the month of July. The chairman of the commission may also call a special meeting at any time he deems it advisable or necessary. A quorum shall be four members present, and all matters coming before the commission shall be voted on by the commission. The commission will keep or cause to be kept a record of all transactions discussed or voted on at its meeting. Commission members shall be entitled to a salary of $25.00 per day when in attendance at a meeting or on official business of the commission, together with their expenses, as provided by Article 2 of Chapter 7 of Title 36. Such compensation and expenses shall be paid from funds of the commission.

(Acts 1969, No. 764, p. 1354, §2.)