Section 9-3-5

State forester.

It shall be the duty of the Alabama Forestry Commission to appoint with the advice and consent of the Governor a State Forester who shall serve as the executive secretary and administrative officer for the commission. The person so appointed as the State Forester must have earned a minimum of a bachelor of science degree in forestry and must be licensed and registered under the forestry laws of Alabama with considerable experience in the forestry field. The State Forester shall receive a salary as fixed by the commission and shall serve at the pleasure of the commission and shall receive actual expenses when traveling on official business of the commission. Until otherwise provided for by the commission, the present State Forester of the Division of Forestry of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources shall continue to serve as the State Forester under the commission. The State Forester shall devote his full time to the duties of his office. He shall be required to take the oath of office and give bond in the sum of $50,000.00.

(Acts 1969, No. 764, p. 1354, §6.)