Recompilation of Alabama Constitution.

The Legislature, upon the recommendation of the Director of the Legislative Services Agency through a proposed draft, may arrange this constitution, as amended, in proper articles, parts, and sections removing all racist language, delete duplicative and repealed provisions, consolidate provisions regarding economic development, arrange all local amendments by county of application during the 2022 Regular Session of the Legislature, and make no other changes. The draft and arrangement, when approved by a three-fifths vote of each house of the Legislature, through joint resolution, shall be submitted to the voters pursuant to Amendment 714 of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, now appearing as Section 286.01 of the Official Recompilation of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended, except that the text of the proposed constitution shall be published on the website of the Secretary of State and shall be made available, without cost, to any agency of the state or a municipality or county in the state that operates a public access website for publication on the website. The Constitution of Alabama, with the amendments made thereto, in accordance with this amendment, once approved by the voters, shall be the supreme law of the state.