Section 8-18-4

Blind bidding prohibited; notice of trade screening required.

(a) Blind bidding is hereby prohibited within the state. No bids shall be returnable, no negotiations for the exhibition or licensing of a motion picture shall take place and no license agreement or any of its terms shall be agreed to, for the exhibition of any motion picture, before the motion picture has either been trade screened or before such motion picture, at the option of the distributor, otherwise has been made available for viewing by all exhibitors from whom the distributor is soliciting bids or with whom the distributor is negotiating for the right to exhibit the motion picture.

(b) A distributor shall provide reasonable and uniform notice of the trade screening of any motion picture to those exhibitors from whom he intends to solicit bids or with whom he intends to negotiate for the right to exhibit that motion picture.

(c) Any purported waiver of the prohibition against blind bidding in this chapter shall be void and unenforceable.

(Acts 1978, No. 591, p. 702, §4.)