Section 1-2A-5

Display of Alabama State Flag - Law enforcement agencies.

(a) Each state, county, and municipal law enforcement agency headquarters, including the headquarters for state troopers, peace officers, marine police officers, and local police officers, shall prominently display the Alabama State Flag, in accordance with appropriate flag display protocol, on a flag pole or flag poles located near the main entrance of the building.

(b) Unless otherwise acquired pursuant to gift, donation, or other means, the flags and flag poles required by this section shall be purchased by the applicable law enforcement agency within three years after August 1, 2001.

(c) Any municipality with a population of 1,000 or less, according to the most recent federal decennial census, shall be exempt from this section unless other flags are being flown in the municipality by the municipality.

(Act 2001-472, p. 629, §6.)