Section 1-3-5

Reclassification date.

The one hundred twentieth day after the first day of the first regular legislative session held next after the publication by the federal government of the regular federal decennial population census for Alabama is hereby fixed as the date for any reclassification under any law requiring classification based on such said census. The provisions of this section shall not apply to any law which provides for the levying or collection of license taxes on a population basis or the distribution of state and county collected or administered revenue or funds on a population basis, and the population as disclosed by any federal decennial census, as soon as the same is proclaimed, published or certified by the Director of the United States Census Bureau, shall be used in administering any such law.

(Acts 1939, No. 233, p. 388; Code 1940, T. 1, §14; Acts 1951, No. 174, p. 415; Acts 1961, No. 97, p. 114.)