Section 10A-11-1.10

Internal capital accounts.

(a) Any employee cooperative may establish through its governing documents a system of internal capital accounts, to reflect the book value and to determine the redemption price of membership shares, capital stock, and written notices of allocation.

(b) The governing documents of an employee cooperative may permit the periodic redemption of written notices of allocation and capital stock, and shall provide for recall and redemption of the membership share upon termination of membership in the cooperative. No redemption shall be made if the redemption would result in the liability of any director or officer of the employee cooperative.

(c) The governing documents may provide for the employee cooperative to pay or credit interest on the balance in each member's internal capital account.

(d) The governing documents may authorize assignment of a portion of retained net earnings and net losses to a collective reserve account. Earnings assigned to the collective reserve account may be used for any and all corporate purposes as determined by the board of directors.

(Act 97-949, p. 524, §10; §10-14-10; amended and renumbered by Act 2009-513, p. 967, §312.)