Section 10A-2-13.02

Right to dissent.

(a) A shareholder is entitled to dissent from, and obtain payment of the fair value of his or her shares in the event of, any of the following corporate actions:

(1) Consummation of a plan of merger to which the corporation is a party (i) if shareholder approval is required for the merger by Section 10A-2-11.03 or the articles of incorporation and the shareholder is entitled to vote on the merger or (ii) if the corporation is a subsidiary that is merged with its parent under Section 10A-2-11.04;

(2) Consummation of a plan of share exchange to which the corporation is a party as the corporation whose shares will be acquired, if the shareholder is entitled to vote on the plan;

(3) Consummation of a sale or exchange by all, or substantially all, of the property of the corporation other than in the usual and regular course of business, if the shareholder is entitled to vote on the sale or exchange, including a sale in dissolution, but not including a sale pursuant to court order or a sale for cash pursuant to a plan by which all or substantially all of the net proceeds of the sale will be distributed to the shareholders within one year after the date of sale;

(4) To the extent that the articles of incorporation of the corporation so provide, an amendment of the articles of incorporation that materially and adversely affects rights in respect to a dissenter's shares because it:

(i) Alters or abolishes a preferential right of the shares;

(ii) Creates, alters, or abolishes a right in respect of redemption, including a provision respecting a sinking fund for the redemption or repurchase of the shares;

(iii) Alters or abolishes a preemptive right of the holder of the shares to acquire shares or other securities;

(iv) Excludes or limits the right of the shares to vote on any matter, or to cumulate votes, other than a limitation by dilution through issuance of shares or other securities with similar voting rights; or

(v) Reduces the number of shares owned by the shareholder to a fraction of a share if the fractional share so created is to be acquired for cash under Section 10A-2-6.04; or

(5) Any corporate action taken pursuant to a shareholder vote to the extent the articles of incorporation, bylaws, or a resolution of the board of directors provides that voting or nonvoting shareholders are entitled to dissent and obtain payment for their shares.

(b) A shareholder entitled to dissent and obtain payment for shares under this chapter may not challenge the corporate action creating his or her entitlement unless the action is unlawful or fraudulent with respect to the shareholder or the corporation.

(Acts 1994, No. 94-245, p. 343, §1; §10-2B-13.02; amended and renumbered by Act 2009-513, p. 967, §139.)