Section 10A-20-2.01


(a) The members of any church, conference of churches, religious society, educational society, benevolent, monument, or burial society, patriotic society, societies for the purpose of nature study or scientific research, society for establishing public parks or places of public recreation, societies for promoting knowledge, promoting arts, or promoting sciences, societies for purposes of like kind or the owners of a graveyard, or the trustees of any of the foregoing churches, conferences, institutions, or societies elected by the organization, or organizations, of the church, conferences, institution, association, or society desiring to become incorporated, shall adopt a resolution signifying the intention and elect not less than three trustees.

(b) The trustees shall, within 30 days after their election, file in the office of the judge of probate of the county in which the corporation is to exercise its functions, or part of its functions, a certificate stating the corporate name selected, the names of the trustees, and the length of time for which they are elected, which certificate shall be subscribed by them and recorded and shall pay to the judge of probate the filing fee required to be paid for the benefit of the judge of probate under Section 10A-1-4.31 for filing a certificate of formation. The members of the society, their associates and successors are, from the filing of the certificate, incorporated by the name specified.

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