Section 10A-20-4.01

Powers of conventions or associations.

State conventions or state associations of churches, generally known as congregational churches, which have been heretofore incorporated under any general or special law of the state or which may be hereafter incorporated under any general law of this state, shall have and are invested with the following powers in addition to the powers heretofore conferred upon the corporations by general law or special acts of the Legislature. The incorporated conventions or associations may:

(1) In their corporate capacity, act in the intervals between state conventions by, and through, trustees, directors, or governing boards by whatever name called or designated;

(2) Through its constitution and bylaws or by resolution adopted by the convention confer upon the trustees, directors, or governing boards the power to do any and all acts and exercise any and all corporate powers conferred upon them by the convention which the convention itself might be permitted to exercise under its charter in accordance with the law while in session;

(3) Borrow money, execute notes and bonds therefor, and secure the payment of the same by mortgage or pledge of any of its funds, securities, or property;

(4) If it sees fit to do so, authorize the incorporation of a holding company or foundation through which it may transact all or any part of its financial affairs;

(5) Receive, purchase, own, possess, buy, and sell any and all necessary property, real, personal, and mixed, as shall be needful for its uses in the conduct of religious, educational, and charitable work;

(6) Accept gifts, donations, pledges, moneys, and other properties to any extent, and to any amount; and

(7) So long as its properties are exclusively devoted to religious, educational, and charitable purposes, the same shall be exempt from all state, county, municipal, and other taxes.

(Acts 1923, No. 56, p. 32; Code 1923, §§7121, 7122, 7125; Code 1940, T. 10, §§133, 134, 137; §10-4-60; amended and renumbered by Act 2009-513, p. 967, §330.)