Section 10A-20-4.02

Establishment of schools, hospitals, orphanages, etc., by state, sectional, or national conventions or associations.

Incorporated conventions or associations, as well as sectional or national conventions or associations of churches incorporated under the laws of any state, may establish schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, orphanages, or training courses for the ministry, missions, medical, sanitary, and other benevolent work, either directly or by authorizing boards of directors to be by the convention appointed, from time to time, to incorporate under general laws as a separate but subsidiary corporation. Any religious, educational, or charitable association or institution so established by the convention, whether separately incorporated or not, shall always be under the complete control and ownership of the conventions or of boards of trustees or directors now appointed, or hereafter from time to time appointed by the conventions, and may donate and convey property to them.

(Acts 1923, No. 56, p. 32; Code 1940, T. 10, §135; Acts 1947, No. 704, p. 542; §10-4-61; amended and renumbered by Act 2009-513, p. 967, §330.)