Section 10A-20-8.05

Declaratory actions - Institution of action.

Upon resolution or written declaration by the majority group, upon giving 30 days' notice to the parent organization, and upon giving like notice to the organization membership or the official governing body of the local organization, a corporation formed by the majority group shall be authorized to institute a civil action on behalf of itself and the majority group at the cost of the plaintiff if none of the defendants contest the action, otherwise, the costs to be taxed within the discretion of the circuit court of the county in which the local organization is located, for a judicial finding and declaratory action as provided in this section. Such proceeding or action shall state the facts as to the basis for relief from miscarriage of basic intent and understanding, as provided in this article, and any other factors or equities entitling the plaintiff to the relief sought.

(Acts 1961, Ex. Sess., No. 176, p. 2137, §5; §10-4-174; amended and renumbered by Act 2009-513, p. 967, §338.)