Section 10A-20-9.01


Ten or more persons desiring to associate themselves together for nonprofit purposes in the sense of not paying interest or dividends on stock, but for mutual benefit through the application of cooperation, single-tax, or other economic principles, may become a body corporate in the manner following:

(1) The persons proposing to form the corporation shall file with the judge of probate in the county in which it proposes to establish itself a declaration in writing, setting out the name of the proposed corporation, the names of the charter members, and the purposes of the corporation, together with a filing fee in the amount prescribed by Section 10A-1-4.31 to be paid to the judge of probate for filing a certificate of formation.

(2) Upon the filing of such declaration, the judge of probate shall issue to the corporation a charter, which shall be perpetual, subject to revocation at any time by the Legislature.

(Code 1907, §3573; Code 1923, §7046; Code 1940, T. 10, §168; Acts 1966, Ex. Sess., No. 445, p. 602, §1; Acts 1976, No. 584, p. 795; §10-4-190; amended and renumbered by Act 2009-513, p. 967, §340.)