Section 10A-5A-2.04

Execution of documents - Signing requirements.

(a) A writing delivered to the Secretary of State for filing pursuant to this chapter must be signed as provided by this section.

(1) A limited liability company's initial certificate of formation must be signed by at least one organizer.

(2) A writing signed on behalf of a limited liability company must be signed by a person authorized by the limited liability company.

(3) A writing filed on behalf of a dissolved limited liability company that has no members must be signed by the person winding up the limited liability company's activities and affairs under Section 10A-5A-7.03 or a person appointed or designated under Section 10A-5A-7.03 to wind up those activities and affairs.

(4) Any other writing must be signed by the person on whose behalf the writing is delivered to the Secretary of State.

(b) Any writing to be filed under this chapter may be signed by an agent, including an attorney-in-fact. Powers of attorney relating to the signing of the writing need not be delivered to the Secretary of State.

(Act 2014-144, p. 265, §1; Act 2020-73, §10.)