Section 11-1-11

Payment of membership fees in state organizations, etc., for sheriffs, tax assessors, tax collectors, circuit clerks and registers, license commissioners, etc.

(a) The county commissions of the several counties of the state are hereby authorized to pay all dues, fees, and expenses of the sheriffs, tax assessors, tax collectors, circuit clerks and registers and license commissioners, or other like officials in their respective counties that are incurred by such individuals through membership in and/or attendance at official functions of their state organizations.

(b) Such dues, fees, and expenses may be paid from the general fund of each county.

(c) Membership dues and fees may be paid by remittance to the secretary/treasurer of such organization upon presentation of a statement therefor.

(d) Expenses may be remitted directly to the individual concerned upon presentation of an itemized statement, supported by receipts, indicating actual expenses incurred. Such statement may be properly sworn to and notarized.

(Acts 1973, No. 1281, p. 2194.)