Section 11-101A-11

Sale of securities.

Securities of an authority may be executed and delivered by it at any time and from time to time, shall be in such form and denominations and of such tenor and maturity or maturities not exceeding 40 years from their date, shall bear such rate or rates of interest, which may be fixed or which may float or vary based on some index or other standard deemed appropriate by the board, shall be payable and evidenced in such manner, may contain provisions for redemption prior to maturity and may contain other provisions not inconsistent with this chapter, all as may be provided by the resolution of the board authorizing the same or by the indenture under which those securities are authorized to be issued. Any borrowing may be effected by the issuance and sale of securities at either public or private sale in such manner, at such price or prices, at such time or times, and on such other terms and conditions as may be determined by the board to be most advantageous to the authority.

(Act 2001-642, p. 1317, §1.)