Section 11-102-2

Contract specifications.

Any contract entered into pursuant to this chapter shall be in writing. The contract shall specify the duration of the contract, which shall not exceed three years. The parties may renew the contract for another term of not more than three years on the same or amended terms by the same method by which the original contract was adopted. Any party to the contract shall have the power to refuse to renew the contract. The refusal shall not affect the authority of the remaining parties to enter into a contract with each other with the same or similar terms of the original contract as provided in this chapter. The contract shall also specify the purpose of the contract; the method to be used to partially or completely terminate the contract; the method to be used to dispose of any property belonging to the parties as a result of the contract upon termination of the contract; the manner of financing the joint undertaking and of establishing and creating a budget for the undertaking, except that no party to the contract shall have any power to incur any debt which shall become the responsibility of any other contracting party; and any other matter necessary and proper to jointly exercise the contract.

(Act 98-471, p. 911, §2.)