Section 11-103-4

Acceptance of credit cards by individual offices, agencies, etc.

If a county governing body has authorized the use of credit cards and has entered into an agreement with one or more credit card issuers or processors, each office or agency within a county may elect whether or not to accept credit card payments in its office or agency, and may establish its own policies and procedures for acceptance of any credit cards permitted within the county pursuant to an agreement executed under Section 11-103-2. No office or agency shall be required to accept credit card payments, and may elect which credit cards to accept, provided that the county governing body has executed an agreement with the credit card issuer or processor. If an office or agency within the county desires to accept a credit card issued or processed by a company with which the county governing body does not have an agreement under Section 11-103-2, the office or agency may petition the governing body to execute an agreement with that credit card issuer or processor; provided, however, that the county governing body shall not be required to execute an agreement with any credit card issuer or processor that will not agree to the terms and conditions required by the county governing body and by this chapter.

(Act 2000-154, p. 219, §4; Act 2000-314, p. 483, §1.)