Section 11-105-3

Powers of authority.

(a) A public authority established pursuant to this chapter may conduct programs and events, including, but not limited to, programs of information and publicity and public events to attract tourists to geographic areas served by the authority. The authority may conduct programs or events in Alabama and elsewhere and expend its funds in the furtherance of such programs and events in Alabama and elsewhere.

(b) The authority may enter into contracts with a person, firm, corporation, or association to carry out the purposes set forth herein. No contract entered into by the authority shall bind the State of Alabama or any county or municipality of the State of Alabama.

(c) The authority shall have all of the following powers:

(1) To sue and be sued.

(2) To own, lease, license, operate, purchase, acquire, hold, improve, develop, manage, sell, convey, transfer, exchange, release, and dispose of, either alone or in conjunction with others, real and personal property, tangible and intangible, of every kind, character, and description.

(3) To have a seal and alter the seal as necessary or appropriate.

(4) To appoint officers, agents, employees, attorneys, and accountants and fix their compensation.

(5) To make bylaws for the management and regulation of the authority's affairs, including the appointment of committees, upon resolution of the board of directors of the authority.

(6) To enter into contracts and execute all instruments necessary or convenient to lease, purchase, and own real or personal property used in furtherance of the purposes for the accomplishment of which the authority is created.

(7) To accept or receive gifts, bequests, devises, and all other types of funds, both public and private, regardless of the source, subject to all applicable laws, and to expend all such funds to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

(8) To provide funds directly or indirectly to third parties in connection with any public program, event, or advertising campaign to carry out the purposes herein stated.

(9) To borrow money, execute notes, and other evidence of indebtedness which may be required by the lender, and pledge anticipated revenue or income to secure payment of loans.

(10) To do all things necessary or convenient to carry out the powers expressly given herein.

(d) The authority shall not have the power of eminent domain.

(Act 2011-692, p. 2116, §3.)