Section 11-105-5

Powers of board.

(a) The power of the authority shall be vested in and exercised by the board of directors pursuant to this chapter.

(b) The board may employ agents, employees, officers, consultants, attorneys, and secure services and assistance the board deems necessary to enable it to conduct and engage in the activities and purposes for which the authority is created.

(c) The board may delegate to one or more of its members, employees, agents, or officers, the duties it deems proper.

(d) The board shall elect a chair and a treasurer, and may elect a vice chair of the board who shall serve as chair in the event of the absence of the chair, and a secretary. One person may serve as treasurer and secretary. The treasurer and secretary may, but need not be, a member of the board.

(e) The board shall provide by resolution for the dates on which the chair, vice chair, treasurer, secretary, or any other officers shall be elected, which resolution shall also specify the term or period for which each of the offices shall serve.

(f) The treasurer shall act as custodian of all funds from whatever sources derived received by the authority.

(g) The treasurer of the board shall execute a fidelity bond with a company authorized to write bonds in the State of Alabama being surety thereon, which bond shall be in an amount approved by the board.

(h) Contracts of the authority shall be executed in the name of the authority by the chair of the board and attested by the secretary of the board. The board, by resolution, may provide for a different form for the execution of contracts and for the execution by an officer or agent other than the chair and secretary. In no event may a contract, irrespective of its form and of the persons executing it, be binding unless the contract was authorized or ratified by the board.

(i) Any member of the board may be removed without cause upon a two-thirds majority vote of the then existing board members of the authority.

(Act 2011-692, §5.)