Section 11-11B-1


As used in this chapter, the following words and terms shall have the following respective meanings:

(1) CONDITIONS OF A GRANT. The terms and conditions upon which a grant is made by a donor.

(2) COUNTY. Any county of the state.

(3) DONOR. The United States of America, or the state, or any county in the state or any municipality or any department, division, board, bureau, institution or agency of any of the foregoing, or any person, firm or corporation, institution, foundation or other agency or any combination of any two or more such donors.

(4) GOVERNING BODY. The county commission, board of directors or other group or body which governs, controls or makes decisions for a grantee.

(5) GRANT. Any gift, grant, appropriation, donation, or advance by any donor, whether absolute or conditional, for any purpose.

(6) GRANTEE. Any county, or any department, board, bureau, commission or agency of any county, whether incorporated or not, acting on behalf of the county, or any public corporation, to which a grant is to be made.

(7) PUBLIC CORPORATION. Any board, authority or other county public corporation incorporated with the approval of, or more than one of the directors of which are elected or appointed by, the governing body of a county. A county board of education shall be considered a public corporation within the meaning of this chapter.

(8) SECURITIES. One or more bonds, notes, warrants or certificates of indebtedness of a county or public corporation.

(9) STATE. The State of Alabama.

(Acts 1981, No. 81-797, p. 1399, §1.)