Section 11-12-11

Determination as to legal liability upon claims; rejection of claims.

In making such determination with reference to the authorized expenditure of public funds of the county in payment of the claims so presented and filed for payment with the county commissioner, such officer shall make such investigation and inquiry, both as to fact and legal sufficiency, as he shall deem reasonably necessary to correctly ascertain the legal liability of the county with reference to each of the claims presented for payment.

In the event it should be determined by such officer, as a result of such investigation and inquiry, that payment of such claim or claims may not lawfully be made from the public funds of the county, he shall refuse to affix his signature to or draw warrant upon the county treasurer or county depository authorizing payment of such claim or claims from the public funds of the county.

(Acts 1953, No. 536, p. 751, §2.)