Section 11-12-16

Payment of equitable or moral claims against county.

The county commission may appropriate from the general or special funds of the county such sums of money as such county commission shall determine from time to time for the following purposes:

(1) To reimburse any person, firm, or corporation who in good faith has performed services, advanced money or property for the use of the county or who has in good faith bought county warrants issued under invalid acts of the legislature for tick eradication or for building public roads.

(2) To refund to any person, firm, or corporation money or compensate him or it for services rendered or money or property advanced and devoted to the use of the county in procuring funds for carrying on road improvement, tick eradication, or any lawful public work where, after the advancement of such money or property or the rendition of such service, it was declared by decision of the supreme court or by the decision of the Attorney General that the county was without authority to pay such claims on account of a defect in any law or any other reason.

(Acts 1920, No. 109, p. 154; Code 1923, §186; Code 1940, T. 12, §110.)