Section 11-14-11

Special tax for erection, furnishing, maintenance, etc., of public buildings, bridges, or roads authorized; disposition of excess proceeds.

The county commission may levy and collect such special taxes as it may deem necessary, not to exceed one fourth of one percent per annum, for the purpose of paying any debt or liability against any county incurred for the erection, construction, or maintenance of the necessary bridges or public buildings prior to March 23, 1915, or incurred for the erection of public roads since November 28, 1901, or that may be created for the erection, repairing, furnishing, or maintenance of public buildings, bridges, or roads after March 23, 1915.

The proceeds of special taxes authorized by Section 215 of the Constitution, as amended, and levied for public building, road, or bridge purposes in excess of amounts payable on bonds, warrants, or other securities issued by the county may be spent for general county purposes in such manner as the county commission may determine.

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