Section 11-16-21

Provision of certified lists of registered voters for inspectors; qualifications for voting.

The judge of probate must furnish to the board of commissioners provided for in this chapter a duly certified list of the registered voters in each precinct or ward in the county on request of said commissioners or either of them and the payment of one cent for each name contained in such list, to be paid out of the county treasury on order of the commissioners. The commissioners aforesaid shall cause said lists to be placed in the hands of the inspectors of the respective precincts or wards or other voting places prior to the day of said election, and no person shall be entitled to vote in said election whose name does not appear as that of a duly registered elector on said list, unless he shall produce to the inspectors a certificate of registration showing his right to vote therein.

(Code 1907, §193; Code 1923, §285; Code 1940, T. 12, §248.)