Section 11-16-22

Preparation and disposition of certified statements of votes and poll lists.

Immediately on the closing of the polls, the inspectors must count the ballots and certify the number of votes cast "For removal to _____" and the number of votes cast "Against removal," and certify on one of the poll lists that such poll list is the poll list of the election precinct or voting place at which they were inspectors and the day and year on which said election was held, and they shall securely seal up such statements of the votes and poll lists, together with the ballots cast in said election, in an envelope or other wrapper or receptacle and label the same so as to show the precinct or ward in which said ballots were cast and deliver the same to the returning officer, and said returning officer must, within 24 hours thereafter, deliver the same to the said board of commissioners at the courthouse of the county.

(Code 1907, §194; Code 1923, §286; Code 1940, T. 12, §249.)