Section 11-16-40

Penalties for failure to perform duties required by chapter, etc.

Any officer or person who shall willfully or corruptly fail to perform any duty required of him under any of the provisions of this chapter; or shall fraudulently alter or change the ballot of any elector after it has been cast; or shall make any false or fraudulent count of votes; or shall place in the receptacle for ballots any ballot not actually cast by an elector; or shall take therefrom any ballot cast by an elector, with the intention of unlawfully changing or affecting the result of the election; or shall make any false poll list or any false count of the ballots or any false certificate to a poll list or to the result of the count of the ballots; or shall wrongfully open the returns from any precinct or ward; or shall change, secrete, destroy, or mutilate the returns from any precinct or ward or attempt to do so; or shall prevent or attempt to prevent any such return from being made as required by this chapter; or shall attempt to commit any fraudulent act in connection with the ordering of said election, or the holding of the election, or making the returns or declaring the result thereof; and any person who votes more than once, or deposits more than one ballot as his vote at such election or knowingly attempts to vote when he knows he is not entitled to vote; and, any person who, by bribery or offering to bribe or by any other corrupt means attempts to influence any elector in giving his vote, or to deter him in giving the same, or to disturb or to hinder him in the free exercise of his right of suffrage at said election must, in every such case, on conviction, be imprisoned in the penitentiary for not less than two nor more than five years.

(Code 1907, §6826; Code 1923, §3958; Code 1940, T. 12, §269.)