Section 11-18-2

Uses of lands.

Such lands may be used, among other things, for the following public purposes:

(1) For the recreation, health, and betterment of the people within the county;

(2) For the betterment and improvement of all useful and ornamental vegetable life, including agriculture, arborculture, horticulture, and experimentation with growth and seeds of ornamental shrubs, trees, and flowers;

(3) For the betterment of all animal life, including domestic animals, wildlife, fish and for fish hatcheries;

(4) For the collection and exhibit of minerals and all native products;

(5) For the creation and maintenance of springs, streams, and lakes thereon; and

(6) For other improvements thereon such as fair grounds, athletic fields, museums, art galleries, military grounds, state armories, hospitals, school buildings, and such other improvements and buildings thereon as may be deemed necessary for public purposes.

(Acts 1939, No. 382, p. 506; Code 1940, T. 12, §225.)