Section 11-19-12

Subdivision regulations - Scope and contents.

In exercising the powers granted to it by this chapter, the county planning commission shall prepare and recommend to the county commission for adoption regulations governing the subdivision of land within the flood-prone area of the county. Such regulations may provide for the harmonious development of the flood-prone area of the county; for the coordination of streets within subdivisions with other existing or planned streets; for the size of blocks and lots; for the dedication or reservation of land for streets, school sites, and recreation areas and of easements for utilities and other public services and facilities; and, for a distribution of population and traffic which will tend to create conditions favorable to health, safety, convenience, prosperity, or general welfare.

Such regulations may include requirements as to the extent to which and the manner in which streets shall be graded, surfaced, and improved, and water, sewers, septic tanks, as required by state health regulations, and other utility mains, piping, connections, or other facilities shall be installed as a condition precedent to the approval of the plat. Such regulations may provide that, in lieu of the completion of such work and installations previous to the final approval of a plat, the county commission may accept a bond in any amount and surety and conditions satisfactory to it, providing for and securing to the county the actual construction and installations of such improvements and utilities within a period specified by the county planning commission and expressed in the bond, and the county is hereby granted the power to enforce such bonds by all appropriate legal and equitable remedies.

(Acts 1971, 3rd Ex. Sess., No. 119, p. 4346, §13.)