Section 11-19-7

Submission of plans and specifications for construction and development in flood-prone areas; issuance of permits and fees therefor; disposition of fees.

The county commission desiring to participate in this program shall require every person, firm, corporation, or agency to submit plans and specifications for all proposed construction and development in flood-prone areas lying outside the corporate limits of municipalities of the county prior to commencing operations. If such plans and specifications conform in every respect with the applicable specifications, rules, and regulations adopted by the county commission, said county commission shall issue a permit therefor and shall charge such issuance fee as the governing body shall agree is just and reasonable. All such fees shall be deposited in a special fund in the county treasury and shall be used to enforce the provisions of this chapter, and no permits shall be issued for any construction or development for which plans and specifications are not in substantial compliance with the specifications, rules, and regulations adopted by the county governing body; provided, that nothing in the foregoing shall be construed to require a permit for, or otherwise relate to, the location, erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration, or maintenance of utility poles, towers, lines, conduits, pipes, mains, or of any utility facilities constructed pursuant to authority conferred by statutes, franchises, certificates of convenience and necessity, licenses, or easements.

(Acts 1971, 3rd Ex. Sess., No. 119, p. 4346, §7.)