Section 11-2-20

Requirement of additional bonds of county officials, etc. - Authority.

(a) Except where otherwise specifically provided by law for county taxing officials and judges of probate, the bond for each county official shall be one-half of one percent of the amount budgeted in the then current county budget for activities conducted by or under the direction of the individual county official, but the bond amount for any county official shall not exceed fifty thousand dollars ($50,000). The bond for any county employee required to post bond shall be set in an amount determined proper by the county commission. In the alternative, the county commission may execute a blanket bond covering the performance of duties of all county employees in an amount determined by the county commission to adequately protect all county funds and revenue.

(b) When in the judgment of the county commission, the bond provided for in this chapter for a county official or county employee is insufficient to fully protect the public interests and safeguard the public funds, the county commission may require the county official or county employee to make an additional bond in the amount and with the sureties as may be approved by resolution of the county commission.

(c) When, in the judgment of the county school board, the bond of the superintendent of education or the chief school financial officer of the county is insufficient either in penalty or surety to fully safeguard the public school funds, the county school board shall require the officer to make additional bonds in the amounts and with the sureties as may be approved by the board.

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