Section 11-2-6

Bonds to be made by surety or guaranty companies; time for filing; expiration.

Official bonds required of all county officials or county employees of the various county commissions, boards, agencies, and commissions or any additional bond that may be required shall be made by a surety company or surety companies or a guaranty company or guaranty companies authorized by the laws of this state to make bonds and qualified to do business in this state. Section 36-5-2 notwithstanding, the bond for a county official shall be filed no later than the date that the official takes office or, in the case of appointment to an office, within five working days of the date the appointment is made. County officials and county employees required to post bond shall be required to renew or execute a new official bond at any time that the original bond expires as a result of the end of a term of office or otherwise.

(Acts 1965, 2nd Ex. Sess., No. 126, p. 179, §1; Act 2009-744, p. 2229, §1.)