Section 11-20-76

Lease, sale, conveyance, etc., of property.

The county of incorporation and each municipality in the county may lease, sell, donate, or otherwise convey to an agriculture authority real or personal property, including park properties, without authorization by election of the qualified voters of the county or of the municipality; and the county and each municipality thereof are authorized, but not required, to appropriate public funds of the county or of the municipality, as the case may be, to the authority to be used by the authority for purposes enumerated in this article. The county shall not lease, sell, donate, or convey any property to the authority, or appropriate any money to the authority, unless the county commission has determined that the lease, sale, donation, conveyance, or appropriation will benefit the people of the county or municipality to such an extent as to fully warrant and justify the lease, sale, donation, conveyance, or appropriation.

(Act 2017-246, §7.)