Section 11-22-1


For the purposes of this chapter, the following terms shall have the respective meanings ascribed by this section:

(1) CORPORATION. Any corporation organized pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.

(2) COUNTY. Any county in this state with respect to which a corporation may be organized.

(3) GOVERNING BODY. The county commission.

(4) MORTGAGE. A mortgage or a mortgage and deed of trust.

(5) PROJECT. Any land or any interest therein, including forests, rivers, streams, waterways, and lakes, and any buildings or other improvements thereon, and all real and personal properties deemed necessary in connection therewith, whether or not now in existence, which shall be suitable for a public park, and all buildings, facilities, and improvements incident thereto or useful in connection therewith, including but without limitation, picnic areas, camp sites, trailer sites, cabins, lodges, roads and trails for hiking, bicycling, or horseback riding, nature trails, botanical gardens, zoos, museums, exhibition areas, comfort stations, athletic fields, golf courses, tennis and badminton courts, bowling alleys, skeet, trap, rifle and archery ranges, swimming pools, bathhouses, beaches, docks and marinas, club houses, boats, rides, amusement facilities, boating facilities, areas and facilities for fishing and hunting, areas and facilities for aquatic entertainment and sports, stadiums, coliseums, arenas, grandstands, auditoriums, meeting halls, pavilions, centers for cultural entertainment, music, drama, exhibitions and exhibits, amphitheatres, administrative or office buildings, and public accommodation facilities as hereinafter defined.

(6) PUBLIC ACCOMMODATION FACILITIES. Buildings, facilities, and improvements for the accommodation of visitors to any such public park, including without limitation of the foregoing, motels, restaurants, coffee shops, stores to provide groceries, drugs and other items, sports, gift and souvenir shops, boat service and storage facilities, and launderettes; provided, that nothing contained in this chapter is intended to authorize any such corporation itself to operate as a commercial enterprise any such shops, boat service and storage facilities, stores, motels, or restaurants.

(Acts 1975, 3rd Ex. Sess., No. 139, §2.)