Section 11-23-6

Certain services to be provided by industries within industrial park; contracts with county or municipalities for services; industrial parks not subject to annexation or police jurisdiction of municipalities; jurisdiction of county sheriff and courts; public road access required.

(a) Those industries located within the boundaries of any industrial park shall each privately furnish and maintain upon their own premises within the area of their individual facilities, or the industries located within the boundaries of any industrial park or governing body of any industrial park shall furnish and maintain individually or as a group, the following services usually provided by county or local governments:

(1) The construction and cleaning of streets;

(2) Street lighting;

(3) Sewers and sewerage works;

(4) Water service;

(5) Fire protection;

(6) Garbage and refuse collection and disposal;

(7) Police protection; and

(8) Wharf and dock facilities, where applicable.

(b) Agreements between the industries located within the boundaries of an industrial park and the county commission and/or any municipality or municipalities located nearby may be made for mutual police and fire protection, water service or any other service. No industrial park shall be subject to municipal annexation, nor shall it be considered as a part of the police jurisdiction of any municipality. All industrial parks shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the sheriff and courts of the county in which they are located in the same manner that cities and towns are subject to such jurisdiction.

(c) All industrial parks so created shall include provision for access by public road to any and all entrances to the premises of each and every plant in such area which entrances are provided for use by employees of such company, or for use by employees of independent contractors working on such premises, or for delivery of materials or supplies, other than by rail or water transportation to such premises.

(Acts 1978, No. 604, p. 858, §6.)